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Jen was great. Took great pride in her work, followed up afterwards and has a clean, private, and comfortable space for massages.

Megan N. June 21, 2018

She is the best one.

Romi S. June 7, 2018

Had a wonderful and relaxing massage - unique technique. Really enjoyed it.

Jeanne M. June 1, 2018

From Head to Toe Jenn delivers a great massage with her healing hands. 110% satisfied customer.

Kyla H. January 23, 2018

She is pleasant, considerate, well-informed, and thorough. She asks questions designed to make your experience the best it can be.

Cheryl D. November 23, 2017

From start to finish I felt like a million bucks. The staff is great and I'm glad I went. This is my new favorite place!

Jessica G. August 8, 2017

Very relaxing, soothing atmosphere, and definitely will be going back! Jen is very professional and I highly recommend her!

Cheri C. May 25, 2017

Best massage I ever had! Will definitely go back.

Diane P. November 13, 2016

The service here is amazing. It was the best massage I have ever received!

Stephanie H. November 13, 2016

Jen was attentive and so well trained in her craft! Bought more massages for myself and my husband

Heather M. September 20, 2016

I loved the massage..the best part was the attention to the back, shoulders and neck..and the hot stones!

Ann E. July 31,2016

Excellent customer service, environment, quality, wait time...

Ruth G. April 20, 2017 

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